Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Make Me Feel Religious

I read that in a book once, I thought it was awesome, and now? I REALLY know what it means.
But first, an update. I got a bit of a late start with my plan. I have been around 700cals if I count drinks, and about 400-500 if I don't. And I didn't work out yesterday (just lazy, no excuse) but I did do my thirty minutes today. Back to what I was telling you:
My mom was driving me to school today and she was telling me what she read in the bible (unlike me, she reads the bible everyday. I'm a slacker, lol). Then she had me read it. She had it for a completely different purpose (she had me read other verses) but these were the two that stood out:(Haggai Chapter 2)
12 If one bear holy flesh in the skirt of his garment, and with his skirt do touch bread, or pottage, or wine, or oil, or any meat, shall it be holy? And the priests answered and said, No. 13 Then said Haggai, If one that is unclean by a dead body touch any of these, shall it be unclean? And the priests answered and said, It shall be unclean.
So, bread, meat, wine and oil make you unclean and your body "dead" (figuratively)??? Ana, you make me feel religious. New plan: no bread( or bread like things. This includes wraps, roti, mooshu, and anything not a grain veggie or legume). No meat. No oil. No wine (okay I don't normally drink but I did wipe out that half a bottle of chardonnay and I stole a few sips of the sangria in the fridge). I want to be clean and pure. And I'm gonna clean my room (again). And I'm gonna do yoga to calm down ( I have been so high stress lately it's ridiculous). That is my plan. I think if I can do this. Correction, WHEN I do this, I will finally get the results I want. I think I'll also toss in some sort of reading of the bible everyday. I have a regular bible and it's on my phone, I don't have an excuse really.
Let me know what you guys think. I could do something like that indefinetly. This is on top of the plan I already have. I think this will put me closer to my previous goals of 500cals a day and exercise.
Personal life time! Because I know my life is so totally interesting (not, haha).
Let me say something: normally unless the people are my friends, people I deal with in classes DO NOT acknowledge me outside of class. I mean, more people say stuff since I've lost weight but it's still hit or miss. That being said I will continue. So I was on my way rushing to my humanities class when I see SC and his friend walking down the hall talking. SC didn't see me and I figured the encounter was going to follow The Code. SC and his friend were about to pass me, when SC, in MID-FREAKING SENTENCE says "hey" with a wave. I'm all "hey" with a wave of my own. But I am in shock. Did the prettiest boy I know just say hi to me in the middle of a conversation!?! Peppermint Schapps! (OMG if anyone I know reads that phrase they will totally know it's me, haha). I am so happy. Also, A is becoming less and less appealing to me as he lets me slip away. Remember, A is cute and sweet and pretty much in my league so to speak. I thought I had a better chance with him than I did with C. Also C is in Ireland. So, not that I didn't like A, but he idk, became my interest under second class circumstances. But he's acting like an idiot. He showed up late to physics today, his seat was taken, so he honestly could sit anywhere. Did he sit next to moi though? No, he sits on the end of the upper row of the right section (as you come into the room)(closer towards me, but I am in the middle of the mid level in the middle section). Wow, I felt dissed. Do you know I used to pray that my row would fill up so I could be a free agent and go sit next to him w/o looking weird?!? Anyway, I was pissed and he'll be lucky if he's my friend by the end of this semester. At this rate, if he friended me on FB or asked me to the spring fling I'm not even sure I would say yes. Seriously.
Then the more I hang around SC the more I like him. With his accent and his "Cheers" goodbyes. Oh and did I mention he's gorgeous!!! I swear I am not lying. He looks like a supermodel dude. And he was wearing this bright sky-in-the-middle-of-summer-blue shirt that practically had me drooling on my physics notebook. I was just like Hot Damn!
Dammit this always happens to me. I'm just glad it's happening early. I always fall for someone at the beginning of the semester and then notice this person I had not been paying attention to and start crushing on them and then I'm in a scramble to get to at least friend status by end of semester so I can come back next semester and get closer. I'm serious. Always, like freaking walmart. If A doesn't get his shit together he is totally going to lose me to SC (which is fine by me). Oooh, maybe I can sway SC to be a chemical engineering major (he's a physics major but he totally hates physics now and is looking for a new major), then maybe we could have classes together!!!!!! Okay, getting ahead of myself. Just go with the flow Scarlet and stop trying to control things!
Also, I wanted to explain Emma (the inner alterego I mentioned a few posts ago). I know I said she was like the "EDNOS" in my head, but she's kinda like to me what Sasha Fierce is to Beyoncé. This unchained, unafraid, bold and daring counterpart. When I can't do it I think about what Emma would do and it gets done. She's strong and outgoing. Not complete opposite of me but like me concentrate. I'm me reconstituted.okay just wanted clear that up. So I think Emma will be talking and saying hi to SC. Instead of Scarlet who loses her tongue (sometimes. I talked to him just fine on thursday). Ooh, I love that nervous feeling. Let's see if I can get everything to fall into place okay?
GTMS-Becca: it's nice to know I'm not alone!!!
Secret: haha, you crack me up! I am so proud of you though, I mean that is absolutely amazing. You're my thinspo for the week. And regardless of what happened afterwards (your post hasn't popped up yet as of this post), it's still a great achievement to lose that much in that short period of time. It's okay that you didn't "really" comment, but I'd rather hear about someone's success than have them talk about me. I'm glad you came on over to tell me!!!! XOXO<3<3
Okay guys, I am off to go get skinny and be more Emma (not that I have a split personality or anything, but I would love it if Emma and I could merge one day).
Scarlet <3
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  1. well- she is a mormon but she just says whatever she wants, and really she's very rude and childish. She's also tiny and adorable! :(

    I'm mormon, and I like to think i'm pretty nice! My husband has been mormon all his life and he's the nicest man I know! mormons tend to be very helpful, very loving and super kind people.... of course there are exceptions to every rule, haha!

    ps. SC sounds pretty awesome! you've been doing really well- i need to cut my calories down, i've been hitting 700-900 every day and I just want to stop eating haha!

  2. bread/bread like stuff is the enemy. it is so yummy yet so bad for you. i hate how much i love it! :(
    i like the plan, and i wish you all the luck hunni. xxxx <3

  3. the Emma thing sounds like a really useful idea for me,lol. I really need to speakup and stand out sometimes....

    I just followed your blog! I love the fact that you write a lot and update often. Check out mine sometime, if you have the time! :)