Monday, March 29, 2010

Eeeeeee!!!! I Think I'm Excited.

Omg! I am really happy because on saturday my fam bought this HealthMaster emulsifier. This is more than a blender my dears. In the past two days I have made veggie/fruit smoothies, and hot freakin soup!!!!!!! Yowza I am totes gonna make this fast with this thing around. No more: woe is me for soup I haveth not.
Now: oh, only veggies layeth about, then I shalt emulsify them into a fulfilling soup that shalt not get betwixt me and my skinny jeans.
Hahaha, I'm in a silly happy mood. Anyway, the point is I can stick to my guns and get skinny!!! I'm gonna weigh in on thursday because technically speaking that'll be me fasting for a week, and then only two weeks from that, it'll be APRIL 15!!!! Eep! Hopefully my number will be good!
Today the plan is more working and studying. Damn you semester, hurry up and end!
WannaBskinny, M-ilie, and Z., thank you guys so much for all the support and encouragement you guys give me, it keeps me so motivated! Anytime I feel like breaking down or giving up I think of you guys and I wanna make you guys proud, so I stay strong and move on!!!!!<3<3<3 *and hugs*


  1. JEALOUS<----- that's what I am. I needs to get me one of those! Keep up the good work! I'm fasting tomorrow (well, started this evening) also :D

  2. Omg that sounds amazing! You now know excactly what you are putting in your soups and smoothies. I know that some of these soups that you get from the supermarket are full of sugar and salts that we dont need! Im really jealous of you i wish i had one! Good luck on your fast, stay strong, think thin, and the results will come, love millie x