Monday, March 22, 2010

Mondays Are Not The Worst Day In The Week!

Today was pretty awesome, but let me outline my weekend first.
Saturday... Well I did kinda ok. I was fasting, but then at the end of the night my parents went to panda express. Call the police, we've got a liquid fast homicide and the perps are chow mein, honey walnut shrimp, and kung pao shrimp. Oh and a not so innocent fortune cookie. At least I knew the shrimp dishes were under 250cals a piece. The chow mein is anyone's guess. That was after I had gone shopping though for new cloths!!!! I shop at this pretty cool thrift store and last time I was there was, idk august before I went into the fall semester. I remember hoping that the 16s would fit and that practically all of those and half of the 18s wouldn't go over my ass or close at the waist. This time around though? All of the 16s fit. Every single one. It was just a matter of deciding which ones looked best on me. I think I have left the land of fat. Like, I still need to lose weight definetly, but you know you've left the land of fat when you have to wear more form fitting cloths to look good, rather than flail in baggyish cloths. So I have left the land of fat. Most of my clothes show off my figure and I don't look like a tub o lard. I took pics of myself before I left for the party on friday, so I may upload them later. I am so happy though!!!
I wasn't so happy on sunday morning when the scale slapped me with a 223.6 lbs reading. Damn you panda express!!!! So I liquid fasted and today I am at a svelte 220.0. So net loss of a pound this week thanks to that damned food. But no worries, my new plan is mostly liquid and minor solids. Like today, I had a banana, and some liquids, and for dinner it'll probably be, idk one wrap or something. Literally just that. Every solid must be light in weight as to not have it stick around. I have noticed that even if something is low cal, if it weighs a lot I still manage to gain weight!?!
Anywho, onto today!!! I went to class and I talked to M, but I was just waiting for my mom to pick me up. I was talking to my mom on the phone when I turn around and right there, across the room, is SC. Eating a sandwich. About fifteen feet away and he didn't see me. I got off the phone so fast it was ridiculous. I straightened my hair, fixed my shirt and walked on over.
"Hey," I said. SC looked up and smiled (woo!) And moved his stuff over so I could sit down (it wasn't right next to him, you know the seats are detached or whatever, but think chair that was next to him, but then got rotated by 90 degrees.) He was wearing that blue shirt that brings out his skin tone (he's got an olive complexion), and eating a pb and j sandwich. But then, since the sun was shining on him (back off mother nature, he's mine!) I noticed something new: his eyes. Godhelpmeinheavenohsweetlord!!!! They're a smooth liquid amber. Shining and inviting. I almost got angry at him because I'm like: as gorgeous as you are and on top of all of that you have the nerve to have mesmerizing amber eyes???? Damn you!!! It's just ridiculous. We talked about normal stuff, like he's thinking of changing his major from physics to applied mathematics with a minor in social science. And how I'm done with all math (hahahaha) and social science (hahaha), and soon, physics (yay!!!)
I also realized this morning that tomorrow is his bday, so I will be looking really good!!! My hair is geting redone today so I will be a vision!!!! SC is gorgeous, but I'm not too far behind him. I know I'm overweight, but everyone will tell you I'm pretty. Not to be vain, just the truth.
Haha, I got to see SC today, and I'll see him tomorrow and I'll see him thursday afternoon and thursday night!! Ah, heaven.
GTMS-Becca: oh I know!! The red monster is totally evil and I am absolutely dreading it. Positivity is the key to success!!! As a La Roux song says: "my reflections are protections, they will keep me from destruction" if I reflect positivity, I can have it, I can keep trying and even if I don't make it the way I wanted to, if I take two steps forward and one step back I am still closer than I was!
M-ilie: it's so true, being asked your name by a random guy is empowering because it means that he just couldn't go without knowing your name at the very least!!! Woot!
Jen: wow, you guys read american poets over there!!! I'm kinda surprised because you have so many exemplary british poets I didn't think you'd get to us! Also, SC IS HOT!!! I hope this additional info gives you an even better image! And I am totally going to use him to empower my controllagness!!!! Hahaha xxxoooo
Hello new followers!!!
Scarlet <3 (oooh I just realized my name starts with Sc! Is it a sign!?! Lol, kidding. I'm a nerd sometimes, so please excuse my digressions!haha)


  1. Wow seems like things are going well with SC and i think it is a sign your name starting with those letters. Once i had a crush on this guy and the start of his email adress was the name of my house... i thought it was a sign too ;) So SC's birthday? Are you going to get him a present?
    And well done for the size 16! I feels great to be able to fit into clothes that are a smaller size than your used too!
    Stay Strong

  2. Oh my gosh you do so well. I can feel you braking that 200 mark very very soon!

  3. I want to have something to say about your post... but I'm at a loss for words right now.
    Lemme try...
    Congrats on your size! Isn't it just the best when you realize the size that didn't fit is just far too big?
    I'm so proud and so happy for you! Keep up the amazing work. :]

  4. I'm so happy for you! You must feel grteat you can fit into those clothes! Keep up the great work!

  5. Yay you. I'm so happy for you. I love lossing sizes. It's the most exciting thing ever, except this one time I lost 10lbs in one day. But I thin k that was just a dream so it really is the best. OMG SC's B-day. March maddness. What are you guna get him? Also I don't think your vain. I remember thinking even though I'm fat I'm pritty. Being thin just makes you hot and then it also opens the eye's of blind dudes. <3 Great job. Keep up the good work.

  6. It is apparent that you have passed me in self-control and in the thinspo category. Way to go, even though you messed up, you still got right back on track. You're a thinspiration to me this week. I need to try harder .