Monday, March 15, 2010

Rock That Body

I loooove that song by the black eyed peas. My favorite line? : "yeah you could be the model type, skinny wit no appetite" ha!!
So, I weighed in today and I am 220.8 lbs. I mean, it's not what I was hoping for, but it's pretty good considering my oklahoma trip, and the subsequent buffet, and other stuffageness that followed. But it will go no higher!! I am liquid fasting today with Jen, mostly because I haven't quite figured out my automated plan yet, and when in doubt, don't eat. It's just the safest move!
So far I have decided that I won't go over 600 cals a day, no matter what the hell I'm doing. Liquid fast or food, do not go over 600 cals. Also, if I make it to 7pm without food, I am obligated to complete the day without food, because it's kind of backwards to go that long w/o food and then eat.
Also, I have discovered this really nice herb called gymnema sylvestre. The thing is, I can want to stop at a cup of fruit juice or one hot chocolate or that one piece of whatever, and then it just doesn't happen. What can I say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. However, this herb, if you drink a tea (which tastes a bit gnarly), or just roll a few leaves on your tongue for a minute (much better!) It will temporarily disable your sweet receptors on your tongue. I am not kidding. If you do this you could eat a handful of sugar and it will not taste sweet AT ALL. It'll just taste like tasteless crystals. Oh, in the middle of or about to start a binge? Do this and everything will taste off (or downright nasty) for at least 2 hours. So that's now apart of my plan.
That's the prototype of my plan and i'll fine tune it today and tomorrow and then come back with the full thing.
I am going to aim for 5 lbs (with mina belle) and no less than 3 (with skinnybusiness). However, I can't do anything crazy drastic that'll send me to bingeland. So nooo long-term (more than two days) fasts. At all. Ha, I have to deny myself fasting. Boy have I changed!! Anyway, that's the deal so far.
I am super pissed off today because I got my fluid mechanics exam back and I got a fuckin C on it. A C!!!! No offense to anyone, but I don't get C's. EVER. And what really burns my socks is that I could've gotten an A!! I just didn't pay attention and read some questions wrong. But it's okay, I'm still averaging a 90 for the class (literally, 90 on the nose. One more fuck up and I'm done for), and next exam I'll get a high grade and that'll replace this grade. But oh it kills me!!!
Tomorrow I see SC!! Woo!! And I'll look so thin from this liquid fast!!! Yay!!!
Okay, I'm off to do some homework and go kick something for my fucked up exam grade.
Mina Belle and Skinnybusiness: that you so much for helping me out with my plan. I think you guys are awesome!!<3<3
Scarlet <3


  1. Omg i love thay song too! I was literally just listening to it this afternoon on the bus! My mum was going go and see the BEP But shes not anymore... i was gutted! Well done, keep it up :) Stay Strong x

  2. you made an oklahoma trip? I live in oklahoma! thats kindove cool! we could have seen each other and not even known it! wooooah!