Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dissapearing Acts

I feel as if I am fading away, slowly. Everyday I fast I lose another bit of me, and I put the energy towards other parts of my life: my schoolwork, catching up with my friends, deciding how to deal with the boys in my life. Strip it away, use it up.
I am looking slimmer now, pretty sure I've dropped at least 3 lbs (though I haven't checked). I'm gonna weigh in on wednesday to get my weekly total weight loss. Then I'll be able to adjust my liquids and such to be able to make my goal! Hmm, feeling pretty lowkey today. I'm happy, but pretty under the radar. It's probably because I've been working so hard studying and doing homework. I have two homeworks due monday, three homeworks and an exam on tuesday, and a quiz and an exam on thursday. God help me. this isn't even finals so I should stop complaining, but idk, I like to whine about school! It's funny, I can't wait for the semester to end, but by june I'll be missing it again. But I'm gonna learn how to drive this summer and try to get a job at the school library. So I should be busy busy busy!! Hahaha.
WannaBskinny: aww thanks so much babe!!!!! *hugs*
M-ilie: I think it's awesome you started a blog and I think you're doing awesome so far!! Also I hope I pick the right one between A and SC too!


  1. your doing SO WELL!! I'm MEGA proud of you hunny! :D

  2. Well done ;) Thats the hard part over now, just focus on the goal :D Thanks about the blog... stay strong x

  3. Congrats on feeling/looking slimmer! Its the best! Good luck today on studying (and eating!).