Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hey guys, I'm doing so well today!!!! It's 10pm and I am going strong!!!! And I will keep going!! Only soymilk, fruit juice, and soup today!
Um, so my day has been, how to say this...interesting. So you know I planned to talk to SC. But that didn't really happen. I didn't get to talk to him in class even though he was practically right behind me. I wound up talking to A and J. Then I wound up leaving with A, that is until he realized he might be having a "moment" with me and suddenly had to go to some random building on campus. Whatever. Then lab rolled around and I wound up sitting there by myself talking to the TA because I showed up so early. Okay. Then lab started and SC was late and MF was on a plane to St. Louis. So A had no partner and my partner was crazy late. Guess who wound up being my lab partner today?? Yep, me and A together for the second time today. Ridiculous. Then SC shows up and partners with us. Awesome. But then this ditzy skinny girl shows up late too and her lab partner isn't coming. So before anyone can say anything guess who VOLUNTEERS to be her lab partner? SC. Damn it all to hell. Then this Indian guy doesn't have a lab partner either so he pairs with them too. Three pretty people all in one group. Why God, Why?
But it was kinda nice with A. We were so close to each other during practically the entire lab (it was capacitors and wires and breadboard circuits) and his arms were so warm. I have this thing about warm skin on guys: I love it, I just get all excited and it feels like I've got electricity running through me and I never want it stop!!! So yeah that was awesome and he was being normal. We were cracking jokes and since A wants to be a surgeon so I let him do all the breadboards and it was hilarious to hear him cursing at the wires that didn't want to go in:" get in there god damnit!" Hahahaha. Then he's all, sorry I swear a lot. And I was like, eh, you're only a little worse than me.
Oh I thought you were homeschooled where'd you learn to curse?
From my friends...who curse a lot.
It was like that really nice and easy. Then when we left lab, my dad hadn't shown up yet to pick me up so I was going to have to wait in the vestivue (don't know how to spell it). A was totally leaving me and Idk why, but the words flew outta my mouth before I thought about it:
"Oh you're just gonna leave me here to wait by myself, that's lame"
He halted at the door and turned around and looked at me, a tad shocked.
"Well, I could wait here with you, if you want."
"Yeah, that'd be cool." So we sat and talked. He was asking me why I still lived at home and not at the dorms. He was all "I mean, you're probably older than me, why not?" Ouch!! I laughed it off.
"Eh, they say I'm not old enough, and I'm not older than you." I said without thinking.
"Really, cause I'm nineteen." Liar.
"Yeah I'm younger than you."
"Oh what if I was sixteen, are you younger than me now?" He says jokingly as if it's out the realm of possibility. Getting warmer my boy.
"Haha, no, older than that."
"How old are you?"
"Seventeen." Damn my mouth! His eyes got wide as saucers.
"Seriously? What are you some sort of child prodigy?"
"Some people say that."
"So what are you a sophomore?"
"No, I'm a third-year."
"You're a fucking third year?" Oh it was funny. Then my dad showed up and I was all: "you're like the only person on campus who knows how old I am, apart from my four friends from my old school, so please don't go telling everybody, okay?"
"Oh, oh, all right." He says distractedly, trying to wrap his mind around it. I shouldn't have shocked him like that. Oops. Oh well, maybe he'll stop acting so weird now. I hope so anyway.
I'm starting to feel like a ping pong ball, bouncing between two boys. A, when he's not acting weird is adorable. SC, when he's around, or in some setting to talk, is really sweet too. But what about me?!? The semester is gonna end soon! Make up your damned minds! Boys, you gotta love em, but somehow hate them at the same time. Ridiculous.
SkinnyBusiness, GTMS-Becca, WannaBskinny, thank you so much for your support on the last post, and expressing your like of the ten random things!!!! Maybe I can add: I beat obesity and I picked between A and SC, sometime!
Arianna: I'm glad you like my letter to food!!! Haha.
Okay guys, I am off to go starve and sort my life out the rest of the way!
Scarlet <3


  1. your so amazing :)
    good job on the food today! keep strong and the pounds will drop ! :*

  2. Well done on the calorie intake for today! Keep it up and the results will come! Following your very helpful advice i did set up my own blog :) Its called Thinking Thin As Always, tell me what you think (Y) Hope you make the right desicion about SC & A, It sounds like you get on really well with both of them :D Stay Strong Think Thin x