Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rules Of Engagement

Hey guys!
So I am doing well with my fast so far, I haven't had anything!!! Not even water (even though I should). My stomach is empty and I can feel it pulsing lightly. Looking for something not there eh?
I am so excited that we have a little fasting group now!!!
Me, SkinnyBusiness, and WannaBskinny!! Woo, we can do it!
Okay so WannaBskinny was wondering about the rules of the fast, so I thought about and here they are:
1) Max of 600 cals a day, unless you have a crisis on your hands in which case you can go to 800 cals. But this is in a crisis only. Like if you're somehow trapped at a restaurant and claim you aren't hungry but you still have to get a drink. 500 cals and under is absolutely GOLDEN though!!!
2) Most any liquid is not off limits, except anything with high fructose corn syrup or any kind of "modified" additives (they'll have in the name. Like "modified corn starch), just because those things are horrible for you. I won't ban diet sodas, but I should warn you aspartame, sacchrine, splenda, and the like have been shown to cause your body to crave sugar, and it also highly affects your capacity to remember things. So drink at your own risk.
3) Yogurt is allowed, because it's pretty much a liquid. I don't eat yogurt personally (I'm almost vegan now) but I know some of you have it as a bit of a staple so I thought I'd let you know!
4) Smoothies are allowed!!!!!
5) Exercise is not required, but try to get more active!! Every calorie burned helps!!
So those are the rules, and if you think they're lenient, keep in mind we are going for 21 days. It's like a race, you have to pace yourself so we can finish and feel successful and victorious!!!!
School went well, no SC, but I'll see him twice tomorrow! So no worries. And Becca, I will definetly "flirt flirt flirt!" Haha, love you babe.
SkinnyBusiness and WannaBskinny, I love you guys too and we're gonna do it!!!!
Scarlet <3
PS: anyone who wants to jump on the fasting train feel free to come on board anytime!!!!!


  1. Well done for staying on the fast so far (y) I know you can do the 21 days just stay motivated. Im sad i cant do the fast with you guys because of the home arrangment but i'll be thinking of you! So im thinking of starting my own pro ana blog? I dunno if it will be any good though? Do you find yours helps motivate you? Stay Strong :D x

  2. i'm going to start a fast when my husband leaves! there's no way I cdan do it when he's here. he would flip out!

    this is a great idea, though!

  3. i'm thinking i might start the fast on monday because i'm working alot in the next days and reqiers a lot of walking and lifting and with this fast i just won't have the energy :)
    but i will defo join ..

    are we gonna lose fat by doing this? or muscle to? :) hehe

  4. Oh I love you. Okay so here is my deal. I will join the fast tomarrow because today I was a fat ass loser and ate today. I Wana say to wanaBskinny we are lossing fat and muscle. Get a heart rate monaotor. You can find a fomula online for your target heart rate. Wear the monator when working out. When your in your zone your burning fat. Above zone your burning suger, bellow your burning nothing. So I will join your fast tomarrow. We are in diftime zones so I was asleep when you wrote this I think. Or maybe just not on the computor. Good idea with the rules. I will have to break my fast saterday because I'm hosting a small party where people will know if I don't eat. Loves and hugs. - K
    P.S. I love this post title