Monday, March 8, 2010

Imma Be, Not Going To See BEP

Yeah, so not going to that concert. All tickets were sold out at ticket master, and my dad was not going to pay 250 bucks for nosebleed seats. So, oh well.
But onto the important stuff: my fast!!! It's going really well, I'm not really even craving food. It's a liquid fast, btw. Mostly because water fasting turns me into hellgirl and no one ever wants to hang out with me. Also because it's that time again and yeah I don't want to rip someone's head off. I have my motivations going around in my head: school and SC and you guys of course! Also my Aunt Diane. She's really evil. She's my dad's aunt and she does our taxes so we have to act nice to her. But last year my dad lost a lot of weight and I was still 270 at that time and she's all: "wow it looks like all the weight your dad lost you picked up" she says as she gives me a hug. Bitch. So nooow I have to look good because we get our taxes done on weds. Hahaha.
I promise you guys I will work out today. I am completely better and have to workout so I can look tight and toned, not just flabby and skinny!! I was talking to my dad today and he's all "so you want to be 140?" And I correct him that it's 130. "So what's the final size you want? A 7/8?" I say no, a size 6. This is technically a lie. I WANT to be a size four, but I don't want to be a pile of bones (I really do have big bones, not one of those people who lie about having it cause they're fat). So I say 6, but think 4. I mean, I may like 6, which is a hell of a lot better than 16, but idk, we'll see. I think my dad is starting to worry about me. Mostly because I have started a trend of fasting a day after an indulging day and it may be freaking him out. I hope it doesn't freak him out too much! Because it's not going to stop anytime soon!!!
I am really kicking into high gear because I see the weeks ticking by and my timeline getting shorter by the minute. Summer will be here soon! And the semester will be over and I want everyone to have a nice memory of what Scarlet looked like at the end of the spring semester. It's already spring over here, rainy and wet!
I'm a bit bored though on my spring break. I have nothing to do! I think I'll clean my room (lame-o!) And do homework (lamer) and try to think of things that I'll tell people I did when I get back to school. Oh and starve. That is the most important aspect of this break! Haha!
Lola: OMG seriously?!? I have never been called nicknames like that, though I think it went unspoken! Most of the time the guys I knew were just really overprotective! I lied to my friends and told them I went out on a date on my 16th bday (I couldn't say that I had no date and I can finally date! That would be too sad!) And one of my guy friends was all: what's his name, where's he from, how old is he, how do you know him? Sometimes I feel like I have more than one father, sheesh!
Weddingdressthin: I have heard of the netipot but I've never tried it! (I'm a scaredy cat, haha) thanks for the tip though! Haha, yes, I get the entire ocean instead of the wading pool!!!
SkinnyBusiness: thanks. For the comment. I really appreciate it. Yay. Ah, just teasing you! I have had EDNOS almost forever. I was always really obsessed with food since I was around eight. I was always the person who could eat the most at buffets, going back five and six times with full plates of food and only a little kid. I used to always steal food from the kitchen and eat it in my room, and make cookie dough and just eat it. It was weird because my fam and I always ate dinner and everything, so I wasn't hungry it was just this obsession with food. I only went towards the starving side of the spectrum around june of last year, when my previous actions got me up to 270lbs.
GTMS-Becca: omg I know what you mean!!! Older guys seem a lot less stupid than guys around your age! I look at the perspective newbies that are walking around campus and I just roll my eyes!
Jen: really?!? Wow, he must've been crazy cute! You should look him up one day when you're like, 25 or something. The gap doesn't seem big after you get a certain age. We will totally be thin together!!!! Xxxx
Okay guys, I am off to continue fasting!
Scarlet <3


  1. about your comment hun,basically i am letting the scars heal. i haven't cut in over a year and a half-ish. it feels good, to leave it all behind me, but the scars are still there to haunt me. they have healed, and theres just marks left. i had cut pretty deep 'stupid stupid me' :'(
    anywayssss, on the good news. you are doing really well on your fast, you have no idea how proud i am. your blog has motivated me to finish a whole day of abc.
    we are tottally gonna get skinny together.
    have a good day hun. xxxxxxx

  2. you seem really chipper in your post and I LOVE that! :) I'm so excited for you to rub it in your aunts dace that you've lost so much weight! ha!

    My horrible sister in law is coming this weekend and she always makes comments about my weight- so does my mother in law- so I'm really hoping I can lose another few pounds before they get here so I can feel at least a little better about myself!

  3. Haha, that is simaler to how I was as a kid. I meen I'm still a kid, but when I was younger I would eat whatever and I just ate like thousands of calories a day when I was in midle school in 6th and 7th grade, then I was BFF's with an anorexic who was thin and popular, and her BFF (I was there wanabe) a bulimic. So I knew I couldn't starve cuss I tried and I couldn't so I was bulimic for a year, (worst in 7th grade), I ended that the summer before 8th grade. Then I was healthy almost all school year, (minor throw up once or twice that year), A little binge eatting. Then I went to summer camp the week after I got out of 8th grade and I was a ballon for me I was at my high weight(166lbs)So the day I got home I started obbsesing and calorie counting and then the next week I saw my self as nuts and then I was pro for 3 weeks, and then I wasn't and then I was, and then we moved out of my dads and I didn't care any more and ate like a pig. (I lost 15 pounds in 3 months before we left) So then school started and I relized I'm not happy with my weight and so I'm in 9th grade and back on and off now and then. (never ditching the blog for more than a couple weeks). And lost 5 more pounds. SO ya thats my storie cuss I needed to vent.