Thursday, February 4, 2010

Aversion Therapy

Hey guys!
So I am still doing really well, I think I'm finally getting thinner!!! My dad keeps saying how amazing and pretty I look so that's a total confidence booster.
I have noticed something strange though, I think I may have induced aversion therapy on myself when I purged. You guys know aversion therapy, it's associating something with an unpleasantry. Like when parents catch their kids smoking and then make the kids smoke so much that they get sick and never want to smoke again. I was looking at the pasta yesterday and I was hungry, but I got a flashback of the purge and I promptly closed the fridge. So something good came out of it.
Awww, thank you guys for all the sweet comments about using EK as motivation!!! He does have an adorable smile btw. :) I'm hoping I can get him to take me to the spring formal (around april) so I think I may have my work cut out for me.
Well, I am off to do more school but thank you guys so much, you mean the world to me :)
Scarlet <3<3


  1. Few years ago I had a phase of eating literally only Linda McCartney lasanga, but then one day I purged it and haven't been able to eat it since. Truly gross flashbacks. But doesn't work for everything. Some things aren't especially gross in reverse.

    But seriously, you do get used to it, it stops shocking you so much and in the end it becomes really routine. You should try and avoid it otherwise it gets so hard to stop.

  2. I think that this is an awesome tool you've come up with. I don't purge (mainly because my gag-reflexes suck and you could stick a water bottle down my throat and I wouldn't throw up lol), but the idea of associating something really unpleasant with a tasty type of food is fantastic. I'm'a steal it. :)

    Good luck today!!!

  3. i so understand what you're saying about not wanting to eat the food you purged, thats been happening to me a lot lately, i think thats why i'm dropping pounds.. and it seems to be working for you too! :) i'm so happy for you. if your dad says you look good, then, beilive it girl!
    stay strong, i'm always here for you. XX jen