Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Cause De Garçons

Haha, love that song, it's by Yelle. It's all about the crazy things we girls will do for a boy. Well, I starved for mine!
Yesterday went awesome! I did not eat (I mainly subsided on hot chocolate) and my total cals was like 470. I worked out on my elliptical for 75mins, which should've been about 1000cals zapped. I took my laxi tea (which tastes horrible, and really doesn't work all that well anymore but whatever), and now I feel victorious! I STILL have not eaten anything as of this post. Idk about later, but food is not that interesting to me right now. It's amazing what a little motivation will do to your willpower.
Sooo, I should get to talking about that lovely motivation, which has manifested itself in A. I saw him today, my plan didn't go exactly as planned, but the main things did (I didn't get to say this totally awesome thing I'd planned!).
Okay, here it goes:
Firstly, he showed up to physics a bit late, so all I got to do was wave. And he waved back which was cool. Then I hauled ass out of the class (he always beats me out) so that I could catch up with him at the exit of the building. I thought I had a good lead on him so I stopped to put on my hat and stuff and I totally missed him. He walked right by. I was like SHIT! I didn't want to look desperate, so I was going to just give up, but after going way away from him I said, fuck it, how bad do you want him? You just fasted and busted your ass to look pretty for his bday and have an encounter and you're going to let it go cause you don't feel like catching up with him? It's a workout, go haul ass and catch him! So I speed walked and followed him into this building we have on campus that has an einstien bros. Bagels store in it (I'd tell you the name of the building but then someone would know who I am, sorry). I didn't see him. I was sad and feelin' low...until I saw him in line to get a bagel!!!!! Hooray for food! It IS good for something! He didn't see me though, again. He was just about to leave when I decided to stop being a wimp:
Me: Hey, A!
(He turns)
A: hey!
And then we go into how the physics class was hard today and oh did you start the lab report (both of us said no, we're lazy, haha). Then I finally got out of him that it was his bday so he's going home after his next class.
Me: oh, happy birthday!
A: thanks
Me: so you know what you have to do on your birthday right?
A: what?
Me: you have to take a compulsatory photo!
(Okay, I meant to say picture, but the spiffy "photo" popped out. Meh.)
A: oh I will when I get home
Me: no seriously, you can do it now! (I start to take out camera)
A: wait, you want to take a picture of me?
Me: yeah, why not?
A: okay (laughs)
Me: okay smile!
(He still has his retainer)
A: ah, my smile is messed up!
Me: okay, you can half smile then (with a big grin of my own)
A: (smiles with mouth closed, then laughs again, and then smiles with mouth closed again)
Me: ( I take the picture) you wanna see it?
A: yeah, (I show him) awesome. Hey do you have a facebook?
Me: (I am FLYING) yeahn I do
A: I'm sorry, what's your name again, I know it's scarlet something (smiles. I told him my full name during our first lab)
Me: oh, scarlet (my last name). My facebook is literally facebook.com/scarlet(my last name)
A: okay, I'm gonna look you up. I gotta go so I'll see you later.
Me: bye!
Haha I am swooning with happiness by this point. That and the fact that I haven't eaten in a day and a half, man I could ptfo!! Haha, thank goodness I didn't though, too much happy energy!
A looks super cute on his pic too. Wish I could show you guys. Okay, maybe if he winds up being my BF.
So that is my life which is seemingly coming up roses. As long as I keep starving, getting good grades, and getting closer to A, I am happy and don't give a damn what the scale says, because I know one day I'll look in the mirror and won't recognize the gorgeous girl with the adorable boyfriend and a straight 4.0 who'll be staring back at me.
Holly: aww thanks for the encouragement hun! I hate my sis in law but at least I'm way thinner (also smarter)! ;P
GTMS-Becca: it's nice to know I'm not the only one with evil sis in laws! Haha, just wait your sis in law will keel over when you look all skinny and amazing! I know how you feel about the gym, it's totally intimidating to work out around other people, and also, at home no one looks at you funny for doing a marathon workout session!
Scarlet <3<3
PS: "you like apples? Well I got his picture and he gonna look me up on facebook. How you like them apples?"
Bonus love if you know what the real line is and what movie it came from! (Hint: think early Matt Damon)


  1. eeek! thats so exciting! very good idea and he even asked YOU about facebook! eeek :)

    ps way to NOT eat! lady, youre a thinspiration!

  2. Ahhh, congrats on the boy ;D
    What an accomplishment. I bow to you, O flirting queen!
    stay strong/wonderful. :]

  3. Movie: Good Will Hunting. Forgot the real line. 1/2 point for me?

    Congrats on getting somewhere with A. It feels SO good when your crushes pay attention to you, doesn't it? ;) Let us know if/when he finds you on FB!

    Good luck! Keep up with the fasting motivation while its lasting!



  4. i have been so ill and miserable today but you just put the hugest smile on my face. the no eating, and the flirtation.. keep it up girl. i am so proud (and jealous) but mostly proud!!