Thursday, February 18, 2010

Believe Achieve

Haha, has anyone heard that CSS song? It's totally awesome! It's a super workout song. That and their song "left behind"!
Anyway, we return to your regularly scheduled blog. Soooo big stuff happened yesterday. I got my elliptical!!!!!!!!!!! Woowowoowowoowooo! (Is that a sound? Haha)
I haven't moved it to the basement yet but it is totes amazing. I got it for $150 and it is very sturdy and should give me an awesome workout. I'm so excited!
Also I leave to see my bro tomorrow (leaving at 5am!) So that's cool. Even though this means I won't be able to use my elliptical until monday >.<
In other news I am going to flirt with A today. I am so sick of always running scared of guys (which has gotten me *nowhere*) so I am going to try to flirt a little. However, my flirtingness kinda depends on what he says. What I want him to say would lead to a cute and flirty comment. But we'll see. God I can't believe I'm *planning* on flirting with someone, haha.
Oh my food intake was pretty good yesterday, I actually didn't eat anything solid until 8pm. Then I had some vegetarian chili (no meat substitute either just beans and tomatoey goodness) and some "pop chips" (the chips are popped under pressure and heat. So I could eat the whole big bag for 360cal! But I shared it with my dad) and I had a protien drink. I was pretty happy with that. My dad committed cardinal sins though. He had a blackened chicken salad (meaning chicken and MAYO) and a slice of veggie PIZZA! Not that chicken is horrible but my fam is trying to be vegetarian with the occasional fish. I couldn't believe it!!! I was so angry with him. But he said this will spur him to "starve for the next few months as punishment". Honey, you just don't know what real starving is like.
Jen: never been to a hotel? O_o
You gotta go on a road trip or something you crazy girl! Kidding! XOXO
Also hi new followers!!!!
Scarlet <3<3


  1. holy moly! no solid food until 8 pm? thats impressive and thinspiring! I want an elliptical SO bad! Where did you get a nice sturdy one for such a good price?

    xx, becca

  2. Good luck with the flirting.

  3. i looove css! nice blog btw,and hope the flurting goes to plan :)
    im hoping to get to know girls going through the same as me, because atm i dont know anyone at all wanting to be thin, or even on a diet! :/ good luck x

  4. hope the flirting goes on as planned.

  5. hey hun, have i ever told you how thinspiring you are to me? i can always count on your posts to make me smile. keep up that thinpiring attitude.
    and good luck on the flirting. i can't flirt to save my life. haha, tell me how it goes and i might follow in your path and flirt with the guy i like ;)
    have a good day!!! xxx