Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blame The Romans

I mean, it's really all their fault that we know about purging in the first place. Them and their greed. They used to have parties with like thirty courses or something, and when they were so full they couldn't possibly have the next course, they ran to the vomitorium, puked it up, came back, and ate more. Seriously.
So I'm honest on this blog so I will admit it: I purged. Again.
My fam and I went out yesterday to do some city trekking and we went to an indian neighborhood. Ah, so many delish smells of tandoori, korma, and naan. But we didn't have any of that, no we stopped in a convience store and had some slices of cake. To be exact, three slices of cake. Each. Every cake had 500cals (read the label) and I ate all of them. That was on top of my 250cal bfast and some other odds and ends that we had. I was going to be okay until I wound up eating an extra 1/3 of a cake that my dad didn't want. Go trash can girl. So when we got home, I couldn't take it. Everytime I burped I tasted failure. So I ran up to the bathroom, drank down some warm water and purged deep. It was hard because it had been about an hour since I'd had the cakes, but I tasted chocolate on the way up so I got most of the cakes out. We'll see if any of this was worth it on tuesday.
So I have another new plan: weigh on tuesdays and fridays, and before I eat anything, ask myself WIPT? Or Will I Purge This? That will keep me more on track and away from the mia train. I like my voice, I love to sing. Mia deepens the voice, something I don't need as mine is already a bit low. A few octaves lower and people will swear I'm the best tranny they've ever seen.
Ah thank you guys so much for your sweet comments about A. I'm using him as my motivation because I really, really, REALLY want him. Gotta lose more weight in I'm gonna get him though.
Oh and before I forget (like I have over the last like three posts) I have 53 followers now!!!! Wow! I am so happy to have you guys listen to my lame-o life. :)
Off to a superbowl party!! Go Colts!
Scarlet <3


  1. Actually the whole Roman thing is just an urban myth - "vomitoriums" were not places they threw up in but a side entrance in theatres.

    Sorry you purged, hope you're doing okay at getting back on track.

  2. Umm not what i heard in my Classic roman history class, but what ever i'm pretty sure our professor smoked weed! lol
    But its so funny you said tha cus i purged today and the whole time i was thinking why the roman sculptors didn't sculpt them with buised knuckles lol!
    stAy stroNg! thiN(k) thiN!
    xoxo Lyndee

  3. happy superbowl day..? haha everyone's been talking about it here, but we don't actually know what it is, loool!
    aw hun, i'm sure you'll overcome mia. she's a bittch! we can do it together, today's the first day i haven't purged in a week :/
    i just want you to know i am here for you, always!
    xxx loveyou!

  4. Weired about the romans. It's been a long time since mia visited me. she still talks sometimes. She'll make me freak out and eat like crazy for a whole day and take really long shower in the midle of the night. Hate her. But I haven't had to deal with her In a month or so. I used to be all mia when I was 12. 12? eww. 12. Thats how I got fat. I wasn't very good at puking all the time. Glad I quit.

  5. oh, my dear. you could never be mistaken for a tranny.