Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, firstly, sorry for not posting yesterday. I was crazy busy. However, my food intake has been going well, just veggies mostly, with the occasional falafel ball (I've never tried them, turns out they taste good!), and protein shake, but nothing that truly deviates from what I've been having lately. The earliest deviation of my time limit eating time was eating at 5:45pm. However, I think there may be a hormone shift afoot because I am 222.6 today. Gah. I had planned on being 218 so that I could have a head start on being 205 by feb 17, now I am behind that by .6 lbs. Irritating. I know it has to be water weight because:
1) My intake has been good
2) On saturday I did an hour on my elliptical, and on sunday I did 30mins of my jackie warner dvd (that woman is the devil!!!!) And 45 mins on my elliptical.
3) Um, I figured if it's a hormone shift that causes water weight when aunt flo comes, maybe it's an equal shift that causes water weight when she goes and she *technically* leaves wednesday. Just a guess on this one.(I hate biology, so idk)
So if this is the case, I should just keep pushing and maybe I'll have some miraculous numbers come along and help me out. I hope so.
Holly: I am glad that I could help, lol. <3
Okay, so february is my time to get thin. So I must set some goals for myself:
1: must be 205 (or less) by feb 17
2: must, must, must be 199(or less) by march 1
3: must be a size 14 (or less) by feb 24 when I get my allowance (how much stuff I get to buy hinges on goal 1)
So those are the big three. Must do these.
Scarlet <3
Thanx for the sweet comments!!!


  1. Sorry that water's tricking you into feeling as if you're not losing, but the good news is you ARE! I mean really... Working out that much and eating that well? That's impressive. I'm soooo not that organized right now. >.<

    I'm stoked for you. <3

    Your goal is totally doable. Exhausting, but doable. My goal is to lose 20 by the Feb. 26, so we pretty much have the same thing going on. I'm'a use you as inspiration!

  2. You know what is good about this whole situation? When that water weight goes away (which it will shortly) your going to be shocked by how low the number is. Good luck with all your goals!!!