Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flirty Girls Get What They Want!

Okay i know i blinked off the face of the earth for a while (sorry!) but i was busy, busy, busy! firstly, i did not weigh on friday because i was getting up at 5AM and out the house by 6AM. i only had two hours of sleep and was barely coherent. so i'll just weigh another time.
My Vacation is going sooooo well. i mean, my sis in law is even more of a bitch in person than on the phone! when she saw me (keep in mind this is our first time meeting in person), this was the convo:
Me: Hey!
Her: Hi (and then to my bro), She's not that big, she's smaller than me!
I coulda floored that bitch. like immediately. but i just smiled and rested in the fact that MY stomach was flat, and hers was all big, round, squishy, and flabby! bitch. sorry for the language. anyway, my nieces and nephews are ADORABLE. i am totally in love with them. i can't wait to see them in June when my bro and evil girl will come to see us.
My food intake has not been good. i'm not gonna lie. but i'm going to  do a laxi tea, fast for one day, and work out for two hours on my elliptical on monday. so i can be thin tuesday, which is A's bday. he turns 20!
okay, now for info on A!
Well, i didn't totally get to flirt according to plan, but like i think he likes me! okay, he just got his braces off so he's wearing a retainer now. this is important info as he has a hard time talking with the retainer. his words are a bit blocked off. but he articulated every single word he said to me perfectly. everyone else just had to work to figure out what he was saying, but not me! and also, he was totally staring at my mouth while i was talking. i know this because he was all: Did you ever have braces? and i'm all: no, why? him: oh, it's just you have really straight teeth. me: oh, well, thank you (smile). I mean i know he had braces and everything, but staring at someone's teeth is a weird thing to do. but it could be that he was paranoid because he was staring at me. hard.
also, he was complimenting me all about my graphs for the lab (which totally were crooked. he was blatantly lying ^_^) and when my other lab partner was talking about this program at my college, A was all: you should join that, 'cause you're smart. (this is all while staring dead at me)
it was pretty awesome. i am so stoked for tuesday because i am gonna take his picture with my new camera. he knew all about my vacay, so i'm gonna go over and talk to him and hopefully he'll ask about the pics, to which i will direct him to my facebook (he'll have to friend me!). then i'm gonna tell him that on birthdays you have to take a compulsory picture! it should work and then i'm gonna do something a bit wild that i'll tell you about if i get to pull it off.
normally my mom doesn't like the guys i like. she never thinks they're that cute and that i am a bit offbase. but i showed here A's pics on his flickr (yeah, i know, cyber stalkage), and she was all: he's really cute! i practically did a backflip. now she's gonna help me out with my flirting (a little). so i am excited!
Avy, proanabella_xx, and the little flower: Thank you so much for your good luck wishes on the flirting! you guys are awesome!
GTMS-Becca: Well, thank you very much! i got my elliptical used, but they sell the same brand online at walmart for $200. hope that helps! <3
Jenny: Awww thanks hun! You should totally flirt with your guy!!!!! and i am so happy my posts make you happy! When you're happy i am happy!
Okay guys, i gotta go pack and such so i can leave early in the morning!
Scarlet <3<3


  1. Ahh! You sound like you're doing really well. You have to stay strong Scarlet. Sisters are evil. Keep going and don't give up! Don't let anyone get to you.

    lots of love x x

  2. I love blog shout outs, hah! That does help a lot... I guess I could just stop being lazy and go to the gym I have a free membership at, but I'd like to exercise while the hubs and I watch TV.

    it definitely sounds like A likes you!!

    and ugh, I have the sister in laws from hell... well, I like two of them but one is a TERROR and she said to me "I bet Adam is happy that you're finally losing weight" To top it off she weighs about 100 pounds, and she's only like 5" tall so she's all little... she has the personality of a snake though. ew.