Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey guys!

so I feel like I'm doing really well with my new plan. I was sick yesterday though. I woke up feeling nauseous and having my stomach feel weird, but by around 4pm I was back to normal. Needless to say I didn't get a chance to work out yesterday, but all I had was some canned fruit (I know it's bad to eat!!! But it was the best I could do) and a tofu veggie dinner. so woo! I feel like I’m getting thinner. Friday draws near and I keep going with the mantra: Eat less, Be thinner, Do more. I totally hate that I’m going to see my bro though. not that I don't want to see him, but going to see him requires a hotel, and my parents don’t want to stay in the rinky-dink hotels that give you year-old continental breakfast. Most likely we’ll wind up at one that gives the really nice buffet breakfast. Gah, I really don’t want that. AT ALL! So my plan is just to get as thin as possible and try to just stick to fruit and like one pancake per morning and then try not to eat for the rest of the day. On top of the dangerous buffet, I am sure my sis in law will try to make us eat her food. Okay, that may not be a problem as neither my parents nor I trust her in the slightest. We all think she’s totally and completely evil, so I may coast by her offerings.

In other news, I got my physical chem exam back and I got an 89!!! Woot! 88-100 is an A in her book so I am really happy! I haven’t gotten my physics test back yet, that’s my next class so chances are I’ll get it after I finish writing this post. That reminds me that I *still* have to finish my physics lab report that I have been putting off for like a week and a half. Gotta get it done because it is due on Thursday.

I read on Facebook that A cut his hair so I am super excited to see how it turned out. Though I hope he didn’t cut it too low as I love his curls. Lol.

I am doing well with my food intake so far, just some soymilk (154 cals) and I won’t get anything else until after 3pm. So yay! I guess I’ll weigh myself Friday morning and let you guys know what I weigh. I’ve been pretty good and staying away from the scale so hopefully I’ll have a good number. 210 would be a(n) (unlikely) dream, so I guess 215 would be more reasonable. I just want below 217. That would make me happy, lol.

Okay guys, I am off to study and then go to physics!


Scarlet <3


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  2. you food intake sounds pretty good. keep it up babes. and well done on persistent exercising. i'm very proud of you. we are definetly gonna lose all this weight together if we keep this up.
    and can you beilive i've never stayed in a hotel? weird i knoow
    haha. have a good day! xxx