Monday, February 8, 2010

Eleventh Hour, Fifty Ninth Minute

Ah, last chance time. Tomorrow is my weigh in day, so we will see how much I've lost this week and also this month (tomorrow is the 1 month anniversary of my scale).
Yesterday went well, I didn't eat much before the party, and I did okay with the food there as 1) not to look weird, and 2) to not get really fat. There were no veggies at the party. None. That is, unless you count the mayo-drowned potato salad and cole slaw. So I had some homemade nachos(cheese sauce, salsa, some chili on top of tortillas), and a subway sandwich (not even a 6inch, it was from one of the party platters), some cake, pie, and icecream (shame, shame, shame, but tasty!), and two cookies after my dad kept saying how great they were. Sooo, not too bad. I didn't have anything else for the day so it should fair well. I was considering since I have so much studying to do and homework and such, maybe I can just do a green tea fast today. Just eat the leaves, drink water and hopefully be really skinny tomorrow.
I have an exam tomorrow for physical chem, so I must study!!!!!
Violet and Lyndee: I really have no idea, I read it in an Anne Rice book. Besides, maybe I read it wrong, who can focus on minor details when Lestat is around!!!! LOL :)
Jen: the superbowl is just when the two best football teams in the NFL (american football, not soccer!) Have the championship game. It's really talked about because unlike other sports where you play like seven games or something and whoever wins more wins, this is only ONE game. One shot at greatness, so it's a big deal over here. Everyone makes their predictions and watches the game and playfully teases/jabs the other teams fans whenever something goes your teams way. It's everyone's pass to be a kid. :)
Yes, we will beat mia, I'm so proud of you for not purging yesterday!!! *hugs*
Skinnybusiness: yeah, she comes around at the strangest times. It's like, if you're going to make me throw it up, why have me eat it in the first place!?!
les jeune fille à les oiseaux: haha, thank you so much, I really appreciate it. :)
Scarlet <3


  1. happy 1month anniversary to your scalleee :D
    i'd say the intake sounds pretty controlled, keep it up girl. i quit eating cookies a while ago coz i'm incapable of just eating one, i have like 5 at a time :( so u having only pretty darn good!
    keep up thr goodwork babes.
    and the superbowl sounds so fun, its times liek this i wish i lived in america! :/
    love youuuuu xxxx

  2. ps.sorry about the incredible amount of typos :D <3

  3. Youre doing really good, I hope your weigh-in goes well! :)