Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunshine In The Valley

Hey guys!!!
Wow thank you so much for all of your support and care on my last post, I was seriously going through the ringer there. I feel that I should address something though that was brought up by Insane Jayne. Idk if she'll read this since she deleted her comment, but I'll deal with it anyway.
Jayne said that I'd overgeneralized that people who purge can just stop and suddenly go to starving. Her concern in particular was about bulimics. Let me clarify: I said if you have time to consider purging don't do it and then if you decide to, figure out what pushed you to that and get rid of it. If someone is a bulimic, it's not a thought or consideration--it's an impulse. It's done before you can formulate a thought about it really. So my advice was for people with EDNOS (like moi) who don't purge often and really only did it because we were triggered by something (mine was the scale, I don't like seeing the numbers go up!). So I hope that clarified everything.
Back to other news! Yesterday I did well, I had soymilk, veggies, an apple, and some other random things, nothing major. I did 30mins on my stationary bike (oh the hill setting is killer!!!) And 30mins of strength training (just my own stuff,not the devil lady, lol). So I feel like I am getting thinner!!! Strange, I never looked at how I look and how I feel to gauge whether or not I'm thinning, I just let the scale decide.
Also, on the non-weight side of my life, I ran into EK yesterday!!! I'm not sure I told you guys about EK. He's the guy that sat next to me in polisci last semester. He's eighteen and wayy more in my league than guy from orgo (who's like 20). I really like EK, he's a sweetheart, last time I saw him he taught me how to play pool ( and totally kicked my butt, haha) in the last day of the semester. So I saw him yesterday and we talked about the normal stuff: how're classes going, blah, blah, blah. He asked me where I'd just come from and I said my physics class and then I asked him the same question and he was all "oh I just came from my physics, I mean psychology class" I nearly lit up the room with my smile. He was flustered! Flustered!!!! By me!!!! Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! (I mean, woo.)
So I am crazy happy and will be much thinner next time I see him!
Comment time!
~naomi~: I know, it's like having the covers snatched from you. Yeah, I think I'd rather shoot myself than do all that too, because not only do I have to work that hard, but I won't get to see how much I lost from the fasting/workout!! And that would drive me cuh-razy!!!
Bl33ding Truth: um, anything by fallout boy gets me going to workout, as well as panic at the disco. For just zoning out and staying away from the food, I like jimmy eat world and relient k (esp. The song 'who I am hates who I've been' and 'shut my mouth')
Holly: hey, my way of avoiding food is saying forget eating in moderation, just don't eat the bad stuff!! Veggies, fruits, give me the stuff of the earth! Haha. Besides, you're not eating processed foods, which is pretty much what I'm doing (except I have these neat little packets of nutrion cereal drinks and soymilk that only run 50-100 cals). :)
Thank for the sweet comments guys!!!
Scarlet <3


    hehe, use him as motivation.. next time you see him..U WILL LOOK HAWT..and his mouth will drop to the ground :P
    & that intake sounds so much better than mine! i'm so proud of you hun. xxx

  2. lol i'm so jealous, not only are you getting skinnier but you're getting the guy too =P i agree with jenny, guys are the best motivation i have ever found (that and looking in the mirror of course =\ ) keep it up and get the guy hun!!
    Stay strong.
    Secret <3
    PS thanks for the music suggestions, loved them :)

  3. Umm... Super-stoked about the dude. Especially if he has a gorgeous smile, because those make you feel 20 pounds skinnier every time you see one. <3

    Good job keeping in line with your food goals, too!