Friday, February 5, 2010

Sitting Here Chewing On Gunpowder

Sitting here chewin' on gunpowder (gunpowder!) Strike match light fire!
--- 'Bamboo Banga' by MIA
Love that song. Love it even more now that I am doing just that. Well, not real gunpowder, gunpowder green tea, aka the strongest green tea ever. I actually hate the taste of green tea because I don't use sugar (I used to like it the british way with cream and sugar). But I got a lovely idea: if we can eat veggies, most of which are plants, then why can't I eat green tea, which is also a plant? So now I get a big bottle of water and take some in my mouth and swallow some dried gunpowder (it's like taking a pill, you need the water). Lately, it has been working like a charm!!! I have more energy and I think the fat is breaking down because I have been having to pee like crazy even when I don't have many liquids! Sorry if that is tmi.
I am also looking thinner!!!!! So we will see on tuesday.
My food yesterday was okay.... Had too many rice cakes though. Thank god they were only 45cal a piece. I have found motivation to get thin everywhere lately. In my physics lab, one of my lab partners, let's call him A (I have two, they're both guys), is this totally, totally cute guy. And on top of that, I found out EK is always by the pool tables at 3pm on tuesdays and thursdays. So I can see EK on tuesdays and A on thursdays. Oh how lovely to have cute boy overload. :)
Violet: oh I am never purging again, I was just saying at least it wasn't all bad.
~Naomi~: hahaha, stop taking stuff!!!!! Lol, JK. :) I'm trying to figure out a method to use to form the association, haven't figured it out yet.
Jen: I know!!! It seems so unappealing after that. You just look at it and you're I haven't had pasta in three days!!
Okay guys, have fun and be skinny!!
Scarlet <3


  1. I also have green tea without sugar but then again I'm not drinking it because I love the taste, I'm drinking it so I can get skinny. I leave my teabag to brew for like 10min, it's like all I taste is the tannins in the tea.

  2. You have to get use to green tea, I hated it at first, b/c being so very english I've been drinking twinings black tea daily since I was about 12. But make sure you have a nice brand - loads of people sell it at the moment because it's so popular and it's stale, and tastes awful but people don't notice because they don't know what it's supposed to taste like. Try and get dried leave and and an iffusor instead of tea bags, and make sure it's a pale, clear green rather than yellow or brown.


  3. hmm.. does green tea help a lot with weight loss?, i mean i've heard but noones ever really proved it to me. if its helping you, then i might start drinking it too. :)
    and thankyou for your sweet comment hun, i'm glad i inspire you, u inspire me too, your posts are always making me smile because you always have something happy to talk about. thankyou!
    & you deserve some extra extra love too. <3 <3 <3 <3 :D
    we can defoo do this togetherr!!!! xx