Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Is For Action

Hmmm, just realized that people might think of A when they read that...oh well. Anyway, my depression didn't last long. I am a naturally happy person so I never stay sad for too long. My motivation normally comes from things I want. Anyway, I made it to the 20hr mark before I felt a lift in mood. Then by the time I went to bed I was really happy. Today was bad, food wise. My parents and I went to a buffet. Gah. I ate so much I thought I was going to spontaneously combust on the way home. But I'm gonna fix it. I'm about to drink a ton of prune juice ( nice and warm!) And then fast tomorrow and try to workout everyday of this next week. I have been pretty good on my food intake (okay when I am not stuffing myself into oblivion) but I am not doing as well as I could. Sooo this week starts some further control. Gotta be good.
Also, I have noticed something pretty damnned amazing: you wouldn't believe how many people talk to me now compared to this time last year. Last year the only people I talked to were MK (she's polish and a scorpio like me) and BK (korean and pretty awesome). That was it. Oh and JH who is just an ass as you all know. Then fall came around, I had lost about thirty pounds and I added C and EK (damn, I am realizing a lot of my friends have second initial K), even though I am now really pissed at EK. This semester? I lost approximately twenty more and now I have A, SC, M, and MF (I swear those are his initials I did not make them up, he's my other lab partner), and J (who's chinese and in my physics class). So that's what, seven extra friends over the course of fifty pounds. Interesting. Just something I noticed.
I decided to read some horoscopes today and they said that pisces (read: A. Also M, but this doesn't pertain to him really) are very mallable to others feelings and ideas. Soooo if he told someone that he likes me, they might have said that he might potentially run into problems later down the road (which is true. He's arab and I am black and my mom is continuosly reminding me that I have to marry someone christian. So that pretty much means if A isn't christian or agnostic that can be swayed to christian we'd be done. And I have no idea what he is. I'm not going to assume muslim because that's kinda racist and also he's a pure american boy so he might not be. Okay back to the blog!). If that is the case then that would explain why he stopped cold turkey and was acting so weird. So I'm not giving up. The horoscope said we'd be good together (not that I put all faith in astrology, haha), so I am going to keep trying. I mean I already know what could happen. There's no element of surprise anymore, so I can see what happens!
Also, I just found out M's bday is wednesday which is totally freaking me out because he and A were born in the same year and like a week apart. Hahaha. And I'm pretty sure M likes me and A is on the shaky side. A is adorable and M not so much. Oh the irony. Not that I'm going to treat M badly. I think he's a nice guy. I'll find a way to gear it towards friendship and not beyond (not that I am superficial or anything. Okay maybe a little)
So that is the run down for the week, thank you guys for the sweet comments!!!! You made me über (say it with the accent!) Happy!!!!!
Okay love you guys!
Scarlet <3<3


  1. its good that you got over the depression quickly- I'm glad you have such a naturall happy disposition! It puts me in a good mood to read your blog!

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  3. hey hun, first of all well done on the 20 hr mark. you are really thinspiring me, and the fact that you got over your depression easily makes me happy. i agree you are a naturally happy person, because you always somehow manage to make me smile.
    and just like you, this next week is all about major controllageness for me. we can do it.

    and babe you are such a lovely person, and thats why you are getting so many friends. its not about the weight, its about the confidence boost you're getting from losing that weight thats making you feel good, and more outgoing to meet new people.
    keep up the good work and good luck on the fast and working out. WE CAN DO THIS! xxx jen <3 <3
    ps. sorry about the deleted comment, its because the computer saved only half the comment before :/

  4. I agree with Jen, ever since I've started losing weight, allbeit very slowly, I've actually started speaking my mind. Something I never used to do. For instance, a week or so ago, this kid Andrew at my work said he would never hesitate to hit a girl and that if I made him angry, he wouldn't hesitate to punch me in the face. Then he swore at me and blah blah blah. I said something back, mainly trying to play nice. Well yesterday, he was bagging for me and I didn't talk to him. He goes, 'do you not like me or something?' My answer surprised me and it was this, 'No, I don't like you, in fact I despise you. I think you are a pompous jerk and that you think you are all big and bad when in reality, any girl here can take you out with one punch. You aren't cool, you aren't popular. You are going to be a wife beater or rapist or child abuser one day and believe me, you don't want to mess with me and my friends. You always talk about a posse, you don't have one. Nobody likes you. (he started to look very angry so I said). Go ahead, punch me, I can take a punch. (I got punched randomly in highschool for running into this one guy, nice right hook to the jaw.)' I couldn't believe I said all of that to him. Maybe I'm just moody or maybe it's the confidence to speak my mind. I'm not sure haha. But I'm making more and more friends also. (sorry about the violence, went on a rant there haha. plus, guys who would hit girls just irk me to the fullest.) I've been doing good on my fast also, WE CAN ALL DO THIS.
    Stay Strong,