Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On The Road Again

Ah, back to losing weight now!!!! Yesterday went well, I had:
A bag of popcorn (most of it, not even all of it. I left about a 1/4 behind through sharing and caring, lol, so about 390cals)
Some of the "chunks of energy" things they sell at Whole Foods. They're made of sunflower seeds, vanilla, some sugar(not sure what type, like agave nectar or something, it's all sugar to me, haha), raisins, and almonds. Very healthy. No idea about cals.
An Odwalla super protien shake (380cals)
That's it. I worked out for an hour and I feel really good. Not too shabby, Scarlet. I think I'll cut the protien shake though. Wayy too many cals!!! Also, my new plan is to only eat meals the size of a fist: fruit, rice, anything really, as long as it's the size of my fist (of course I have a big fist, haha). I can have three and be set. I read that on Holly's blog (venus perfection) a while ago and forgot about it, but I'm gonna try it. also, tomorrow I'm fasting with Jen!!!! So you guys feel free to join in and get thin (ha)!
In other news, I have a physics exam tomorrow, so I have to study up today, but that's not exciting. No, what's exciting is, you know how I said A was my lab partner?? Well ot also turns out he's in my regularly scheduled physics section, not just my lab section!! So I get to see him 3 times a week!!!!!! So, tomorrow, I may try to fanagle hanging out, I am completely lost when it comes to boys so this will be no easy feat! Any help is appreciated. :)
Also, remember EK, guy who's totally obsessed with pool? Yeah well, I got out of physics early, so I went down there to you know, hang out maybe? EK wasn't there yet, so I just waited and acted as if I wasn't, all playing around on my phone. EK shows up and says NOTHING to me. I am five feet away from the tables. I look cute. Hell, they other guys who were playing and didn't even know me looked at me and smiled a few times(of course I had been snickering at them at they kept catapulting balls off the table, lol). But not EK. To him, I was seemingly invisible. I wear Orange boots, I have a pink and green hat on with a black coat, I carry around a luggage cart as my backpack(which is pink and brown btw) and to top it all off, I am sitting on the school's ugly, orange "ergonomic" benches, and he didn't see me there?????????? I was tempted to just not be ignored and just go up and say hi, but I said fuck him, got my shit and walked right by him and didn't say a word. So he's on The List. The List is something I keep mentally filled with all the people I want to make sick/jealous/lustful-and-they-can't-have-me. It's mostly guys who've snubbed me, but there are a few girls who are just evil. Whatever.
Emily: thank you so much, it feels so good to be out of the 220s. I think I did a backflip after I got off the scale (lol, kidding)
AnaBullshit: thanks for the congrats and yeah, my dad is going to give me 35 bucks if I make 205 by feb 17(my sis in law's bday). Since I plan to be 199 or less by March 1, I'll need that money for some new threads. :)
A.Name: aww, thank you so much, you're my hero for writing that!!!
Jen: hahaha!!!!! I totally can't see you happiness (kidding!). Thanks so much babe, I love you too!!!!! And as you can see, we are defoo fasting tomorrow!
Scarlet <3


  1. Haha I also have a mental list of people that I want to make insanely jealous and make them regret how they treated me. Good luck on reaching goal of 205, money is always a good incentive to lose weight.

  2. Hmmmm I have tiny fists. I wonder if I can get away with this diet??

  3. You're doing so good! You'll be in the 100's so soon! Keep going. Whatever you're doing is seriously working. =)

    Robbie does have a brother... But he's a complete twat. Makes me wonder sometimes... maybe Robbie's hiding something from me. Hahahahaaa.

    Stay strong! Don't give up Scarlet!

    Holly x x x