Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tuesday Hurry Up!!!

Ah, hey guys!
I am bouncing off the walls over here because I can't weigh myself!!! I think I have mastered assessing myself visually and gauging my progress from the mirror as well as the scale, but now I am looking extra good in the mirror, and I want to know what the scale says!!! I'm reading all these blogs about people making their goals and I'm all: gah I wanna join in too!!! I think after tuesday I'll weigh in on fridays and tuesdays. That way by the time I start reaching my breaking point I can weigh in!
I had a good day yesterday food wise. Had a apple almond quinoa salad and a luna bar, a mix1 drink, red tortilla chips, and a veggie and rice dinner. I have been pretty successful with cutting down my sugar drastically. I'm trying to not have as many processed things and I think it's working.
In life news, I don't know if I ever told you guys, but when I meet new people like at school or whatever, I normally look them up on facebook and look at their page (unless it's private) to see if well, how cool they really are. It gives me a better perspective of the person. Sooo EK doesn't have an FB or a myspace, so I'm pretty in the dark about him. But A, does have an FB, and I read his "about me" and practically fell off my bed. I mean, he's like so poetic and lyrical, a boy after my own heart, lol. Not that I've given up on EK, it's just that I've known him for a semester already and not gotten past friendly conversation. Besides, it's not like he's asking me for my number or anything. Also, I'm not going to marry either of them (I don't think), so why not have some fun? Anyway, here's A's "about me" it doesn't have any personal info, so I don't think it's wrong to post it:
About Me: If I had to personify myself I would be a firework, but not just your regular old firework that makes people go "ooh...ahh" and then forget. I'd be that big one towards the end of the 4th of July over Lake Michigan. The one where the sound comes at you a couple of seconds after the explosion. The one that gives you almost unnoticeable goosebumps when you're a kid. The one you compare all other fireworks to. The one that you remember for decades to come. The one you share stories about. The one that lets you forget about all the events and people around you and takes you to a whole nother place. See, thats the kind of person I am. A careful balance between conformity and individuality. A leader by example. Adaptive and attentive. Caring and supportive. An artist and an engineer. The all in one package. The energy that comes from splitting god's atom combined with the elegance and discipline of a symphony orchestra. That's me in a nutshell. Ohkay ohkay so I'm not thaat great ;P..but I definitely aspire to be :)
Isn't that great? Tell me what you guys think! :)
A.Beautiful.Mess: yeah, I only drink it to be skinny too (oh and health benefits), but sometimes, it's just hard to drink.
Violet: oh thanks for the advice, it's a really good brand, it looks so pretty after it's brewed, it just tastes a bit strong. :)
Jen: *collects all the love and puts it in my heart* I think the green tea is helping. Seriously. I wish I could tell you how much, but I can't yet. I know I look ten times better. :)
So I am off to go out with the fam, try and finish my HW, and then prepare for the superbowl tomorrow! I'm going to a party at one of my dad's old highschool buddies' house.
Scarlet <3

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  1. Sounds like you have a real sexy boy right there ;) Well-placed words and a sense of humor get into my pants faster than washboard abs or a suped up car. (Unless it was a hybrid...*melt*)

    LOL. sorry about that.

    Its not stalking because Facebook is a public domain. At least thats what I tell my parole officer.

    Kidding about that. :)

    BUT SERIOUSLY. He sounds like an intelligent guy. If the other one isn't going to jump on the wagon and give you his number, don't you think you should make him a little jealous then? ;)

    I also love green tea. Do you think its working for you?