Saturday, January 16, 2010

Continuing The Extended Post

Day 1 of Fast: January 15, 2010
Hey guys!
So since the next post is post 100, and I want to be able to say something amazing and thinspiring in it (I.e., not boucing in the 220s), I am going to make this post continuous. Most everyday I will post on this post until I make a goal I am super proud of. I weighed the same today, 225.4, so I am starting a 3 day fast (which may go longer if ketosis is as great as everyone says). I am not only starting the fast to break this plateau, but also because my dad challenged me, saying I need to go "hardcore". Hahahaha. Watch me.
Thanx for your awesome comments!
And hello new followers!!!!!!
Scarlet <3
Day 2 of Fast: January 16, 2010
Hey guys,
So I am on day 2 of my fast and I am feeling AMAZING. Yesterday went soooo well, I had 0 cals. I sipped on a liter of apple cider vinegar water all day and then had a Sobe life water later on. It felt so good to be in control. This fast is a lot different from my others because for one, it's zero cals and two I'm not hungry or feening for an oral fixation. Weird. Anyway, I weighed in at 224.2 today, so a 1.2 lbs loss. Yay! However, this seems so much lower from other times I've fasted where I've lost 2 lbs in a day. But, BUT, those numbers were according to my old scale which may not have been accurate at all. Oh well, I'm still fasting, nothing is going to change that. Period. I am truly hoping that I can get below 220. Seriously, I need that. I know I'm doing a three day right now, but I don't have to go to school on monday so it might turn into a four (oh look at me, throwing around long-term fasts).
If you guys have any advice on how to up my burn and make the numbers on the scale drop faster let me know.
And Mina, I hope your fast is going well!
Thanx for the sweet comments!
Scarlet <3
PS: I know this delete and repost method deletes you guys' comments, but I do read them and I'll try to address all of you who comment in the next addition to the post. :) and <3


  1. Hey
    i just wanted to drop you a few lines and say i really like your blog.
    God jub at the fasting. you will reach your goals soon.
    i have a Question how do you fight with food cravings.?
    i mean mybe i am just week that i cant do even a one day fast.
    anyways good luck
    Stay strong

  2. Wow you're doing sooo well, congrats on the weight loss! I wish I had the willpower to fast but I'm not quite there yet. I really like your blog!

    Keep up the great work lovely, you can achieve your goals if you stay focused!