Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow your weight...

...Gently down the scale, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a low weight! I am an AMAZING 220 today. So new low weight!!!! Beat my old one by a half a pound. Oh I am absolutely breathing on the teens now. I can't wait until tomorrow!
Yesterday went well, I had around 300-400 cals, mostly because of the sauce I used on my veggie wraps. Oh well. Today is 300 cals, so this should go well.
Life seems like it is moving so slowly, probably because I have nothing to do until monday when the new semester starts. One of my friends just transferred to my school so I have to find out what his schedule is so we can hang out. Also, I have to delete one of my friends from facebook (which is truly our main line of communication). You guys remember the friend who's surprise bday party I went to on New year's day? Well I know her from my old school and we kept in touch, and we go to the movies sometimes. But this time I went to her house and met her BF and her other friends, and I am sorry, but she acted super different. Like weirdish. Let me show you some examples of what was wrong with the party and why I now must cut ties with her:
1) No one honestly said surprise at the party. Everyone was just in the kitchen eating and drinking.
2) No gifts or cards for my friend, and we didn't sing happy birthday
3) No cake. Or cupcakes. Or anything with a candle in it.
3) My friend and her BF just came back from puerto rico, but they didn't show ANY pics
4) My friend and her BF had no tan. Seriously, it was 80 degrees, and they looked like they were close relatives to Dracula.
5) Her BF is majorly weird
Those are the top five. I really had no idea who she was. Why is she lying about where she goes? Why does she act so different around her other friends and treat ME like the little sister her parents forced her to take along? So I have to cut ties. Should be painless, as we aren't that close, but I still hate it when I lose friends. But you win some you lose some I guess.
Oh well, stay thin girls! And thanx for the sweet comments!
Scarlet <3


  1. WOW that is amazing! you did so well congrats! I love your blog! its so cool to have someone who understands!

    and i know its so hard to just cut ties with someone. I'm sorry she sounds like she was a real jerk to you at the party. But who cares you will be so thin one day she will regret it! till then keep up the amazing work your doing great!

    stAy stroNg! thiN(k) thiN!
    xoxo Lyndee

  2. Thank you so much! your comment made my day so much brighter i really appreciate it! It felt so good just to tell someone you know to finaly get it off my chest! thank you for caring! Your a wonderful person!
    stAy stroNg! thiN(k) thiN!
    XOXO Lyndee