Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cool As A Cucumber

Thank God for cucumbers. I had made it nicely through my 400 cals today, did my hour of walking in place, caught up on blogs and everything. And then it hit me. This horrifying hunger, this craving for something sweet. If I'd had an apple handy it would have helped me, but my dad and I did not go out today, we're going out tomorrow. So the something had to be bad. And then I was seduced by Betty Crocker. She guided me to her cook book, to the page of how to make pie crust dough. No sugar needed, but would give me the simple carbs I wanted, all drowned in buttery goodness. I almost did it. "I have to do this" I thought to myself. And thankfully before I could sneak any flour into my mixing container, my dad asked me to make him something to eat with his medicine. He decided on cucumbers with sweet and sour sauce. I made it for him and then returned to my covert mission and stopped. "I don't have to do this, I can have what daddy had." So I had cucumber slices with sweet and sour sauce. So I went a bit over 400, but it was at least just a sauce. Disaster averted.
I weighed in at 223.5 today!! Woot! I am estatic. If I keep this up I can be like 208 or something by the time I go back to school on monday. WOO! That would be awesome. Hopefully I'll get my new scale before monday too, hoping for some kick back money when I buy my textbooks. Everything that comes under $500 is mine. I hope the books only come to like $450.
Okay so tomorrow is my 100 cal day, let's see how it goes!
Scarlet <3
PS: thank you guys sooo much for the encouraging comments. Thinking about you guys plays a vital role in my food and exercise decisions. I just wanna make you proud! :) <3

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