Monday, January 4, 2010

The Slightly Modified ABC

Wow, you guys are so awesome, you made me feel really good about myself. I discovered a way to do the ABC without binging or feeling like I'm going to rip someone's head off: have "free calories". The free cals only include fresh fruits and veggies. I can cook veggies if I want and still count them as free cals unless I use some oil or sauce or anything extra I'll have to count the extra cals. I know it's kind of cheating, but I'd rather make it through the ABC with a few extra apples and carrot sticks than not at all. This rule of free cals doesn't apply to the fasts though. I'm going to try and wing those.
So yesterday was day 2 of the ABC and I did really, REALLY well. I had 490 cals, 2 liters of water, and 2 apples and 4 tangerines. That's all. Yay me! It was a bit of a struggle though. My mom and I went out yesterday for food as no one thought there were any "goodies" in the house, myself included even though I just wanted some fruit. So we go to Chinatown to this bakery that my fam and I used to go to all the time before we stopped. You know why we stopped? Because the bakery shit will turn you into a tub o' lard!! She asked if I wanted any and I was basically on the lines of "hell no and why are you guys eating it." She ignores me and buys a dozen of these custard buns. The custard buns are like four inches in diameter and look like mini round loaves of bread. Inside they are filled with custard. They must run 400cal a piece easy. And my mom bought a dozen of them for her and my dad. God help them. We proceed to the grocery store where I am to buy 2 cartons of eggs and 2 packages of moo shu wraps (this is where the afore mentioned 490 cals came from). Except, my mom had three bucks of she and my dad's goodie/extra food money left. Let me explain. We have food in the house. This is all extra, and since my dad didn't go with us, he just had what was in his wallet and how much of that he was willing to part with (he has all these things about emergencies, not getting to an atm blah blah blah). So he gave each of us six bucks. I had two dollars extra from some money I saved so that meant I had eight. Anyway, long story short I bought everything but they owe me 2 dollars now. I kept wondering how those buns tasted though. Were they as good as I remebered? According to my parents, no, the bakery had stopped using butter and was apparently a lard only bakery. My parents still ATE the buns though. Go figure.
So today I am having 300 cals. Probably 3 eggs and a moo shu wrap for 300 cals even. Then some apples, tangerines and water. Oh and exercise. 1 hour of walking in place (for a person of my weight, my scale is crappy but it says I'm 229 so maybe I just got fat over the holidays) burns 500 cals. Yay!!!!
So that is my plan for the day and I will not deviate.
Good Luck girls!
Scarlet <3

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  1. Sounds like a good plan to me! Good luck. Do anything you can to stick to it... I wish I could stick to my plans... Ugh.

    Stay strong and keep going!

    Holly x x x