Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not So Emo, 'Cause I've Got A Plan

Hey Ladies,
Thank you for for awesome comments, it really got me looking at what i have been doing lately. While i haven't been binging or not being smart about what i eat, i haven't been as motivated as i should. So i got a plan: aim for 200cals a day. i have meal plans on my white board at home, so bfast winds up being about 50cal, lunch is around 115, and dinner is approx. 35 cal. i can mix and match the cals as i need, but if i overeat at lunch there will be no dinner, etc. i figure with a plan like this and if i workout in the morning like i'm supposed to, i can lose weight like crazy. my dog ROUTINELY wakes me up at sometime between 7-8am. EVERYDAY. so if i start going to bed earlier, i can sleep, and then wake up, put him outside, and workout until 8:30, when i have to start getting ready for school. nothing crazy labor intensive, just walking around my basement, getting in a little cardio.
unfortunately i couldn't work out today because i am sick and under the influence of medicine. i honestly couldn't have forced myself to workout at 7:30am. well, i could have and i wish i had've because the extra hour of sleep made me groggier i think. so no more doing that.
so far today i had:
1 cup of Carrot/greens juice: 50 cal
Few Bites of Pasta: 50 cal (i am currently giving my dog pasta for food because i forgot to buy him dog food. only everything i give him has to taste good or he won't eat it, tsk, tsk. so i have to taste it. i spit most of it out, but i cooked it with butter so i am counting those cals)
i might have something else later, like a salad or something. idk. while i don't expect to REALLY hit only 200cals a day, i am going to sure as hell try. i have to do this. if i level around 300-400 cals, i will be quite happy. this will keep me in check and getting skinny.
Here's to being thin girls!
Scarlet <3
PS: It turns out while i didn't do so well on my quiz, i got an 85%!!! yay! next time it'll be 100% :)


  1. hey.
    i think that you have a good plan there. it will keep your metaboulism up too.
    hope that you will be better tomorrow. i hate being sick.


  2. Ha. I miss my old dogs.
    I gave my food to them all the time haha.