Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day One, Grade: B+

Hey my lovelies!
I've started a bit of a grading scale for myself, so for day one of the ABC I gave myself a B+.
Intake Report Card:
2 Fuji Apples: 240 cals
1 Moo Shu Wrap: 90 cals
1 Egg: 70 cals
Sauce: 20 cals
3 Walnut Drink Packs: 240 cals
2 Liters of straight water
Goal Cals: 500
Total Cals: 660
Food Cals: 420
Liquid Cals: 240
So I gave a B+ because my meals were surprisingly balanced. Everything except the apples was part of my dinner which had veggies added (I don't count veggies, seriously). And I had my apples and my drinks. The drinks, well that was a tad stupid. I was going to have only 80 cals over, but I added some instant coffee to it, but my coffee is BITTER and I added a little too much, so I used another walnut drink pack. I should explain the walnut drink packs are like just idk, a "nutrition" drink that doesn't have that much nutrition (though a nice protein base).
I also did not work out, but I have been a busy bee prepping for school.
So I weighed in today and... 225.0!!!!
Yay! I was so happy! And my scale keeps track of how much weight I lose in total, so no more calculations for me!
So today is another 500 cal day, but my mom cooked BFast (really just what I made last night for dinner), so today will be in reverse, except no excess walnut packs!
Thanx for your encouraging comments and I hope all of you are doing amazing!
Scarlet <3

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