Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Too Much Too Soon

Okay so the fast didn't happen, but I think that was mainly because I didn't give myself enough prep time to get back into a rhythym. I just kinda jumped in and belly flopped. Ouch. However, there are still five days left in the week so I am going to fast on wednesday and thursday. I can deff get through wednesday and thursday I am at school from 10am- 9pm. So yeah if I leave the house w/o food or money I am good to go.
My body is fighting me again though. It REALLY wants to hold on to water. Seriously. I ate a lot of carbs yesterday (damn those moo shu wraps!) And drank a lot of liquids, but I'm betting I didn't go over 1000cal in food and because I felt guilty I did an HOUR on my elliptical. So I was expecting at the very least maintanence. What I got was a 2.4 lbs gain. So I know it's not food weight, it's gotta be water. But I will keep going. All of this effort is just going to be stored up, and even if it doesn't seem like I'm losing weight, when all of this water weight goes away the number on the scale will be so fine I'll lose my mind. Wow that rhymes, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it! Ha!
Anyway in a weird thing of deja vu, I got a bad number on the scale and I had a physical chem quiz today!!! Bum, bum, bum!!!!! But this time I aced the quiz perfectly!! Woop!! So the plan today is to restrict. I only had a cup of carrot juice before I left the house and I'm not getting picked up until 4pm so I'm pretty safe with food. I would laugh out loud if I wound up fasting today, wednesday, and thursday. We'll see.
Scarlet <3
PS: hello new followers!!! Also, Bl33ding Truth, we can still be motivation buddies!!! Just be sure to start blogging again and I hope that everything worked out for you!

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  1. Sometimes, things don't happen like that but I reckon you can do it if you keep focused - or better yet, not think about it at all. Do you liquid fast or plain out water fast?

    Water weight is annoying! Haha, you don't want to be dehydrated but the extra weight chews at you.

    Looking forward to hearing about your fast!