Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 3, Grade A+!

Hey guys!
Soooo, the target intake for yesterday was 300 cals and I only had 295! And bonus I actually did some light working out!
1 moo shu wrap: 90cals
1 egg: 70cals
1 tbsp sweet chili sauce: 35cals
Most of a fuji apple: approx. 100cals
Total: 295cals
This was great and everything, but the bad news is that I am 225 today. I should also do some explaining about my weight yesterday that I quoted to you guys. When I woke up yesterday I was 224.4, but I didn't eat at school, came home, went to sleep, woke up at 5pm, used the bathroom, and weighed myself again and got 223.4, the number I told you guys because I figured what the hell, why not it's a real weigh in. Idk, idk, idk. Maybe the weight is from water or because I ate late last nite? I don't count veggies and I had some around 8pm while watching Gossip Girl. Maybe that's it, I can't eat late. Either that or my metabolism is throwing itself in reverse and I am in trouble. I am thankful that after today's allocated 400cals, the next days will be the infamous 100, 200, 300 block. Maybe I can lose enough to at least have a new low weight by saturday morning, which would make me sooo happy.
Idk, the point is that I am doing the ABC, and no matter what the problem is, my body can't hold out forever. Eventually, it's got to do what I want.
Thanx for your sweet comments girls, it's in times like these that I when I think it's not worth it, you guys keep me going. <3 <3
Scarlet <3
PS: Lyndee, it's true, they do seem a bit more cuddly (less terrifying!), and your comment did make me smile. :)

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