Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Love It When I'm Right

Hey guys,
So yesterday I had a svelte 550 cals and I was 225.4 today, almost half a pound down from yesterday. My plan worked so perfectly, I had some applesauce for bfast (around 9-9:15am) and then I had an apple for lunch (12:40-1:05pm) and then I had a salad for dinner (around 7pm). I think I may up the time of when I eat dinner though so my body can burn most of it up by the time I go to bed. Maybe like 5:30 or 6:00? I normally go to bed around 12:30 am so six hours should be enough time for me to go to bed light. Let me know what you guys think.
Anyway, in other news, I am doing well at school. I haven’t run into my friends yet (or my enemies for that matter), but it’s only the first week so I am bound to run into them all soon. Most of my teachers have already assigned homework!! My physics homework is due Monday night (it’s online)!!! And what’s funny is that one of my profs doesn’t think the other profs are assigning HW in the first week. HA!
I have my eye candy for the semester already. He sits one seat away from me in my physics class. He’s really cute AND he was watching me on Tuesday during our first physics class. I am hoping that he’s also in my same section of physics lab so that we can be lab partners or something, that would make me really happy. I’m about to get the class roster now and type all the guy names into face book so that I can learn his name (or I could just ASK him, lol). We will see were this goes.
Okay girls, thanx for your super sweet comments and be sure to write new blog posts!!!
Scarlet <3


  1. half a pund down, thats great! Hope everything keeps going well for you :)

  2. half a pound?! Go girl!
    By the way, I think you should invest on the cute guy, I mean, if he's cute, what could go wrong?!