Monday, January 4, 2010

Going Strong

Hey my lovelies!
So today was 300 cals and I did really well with my egg whites and wraps and apples and tangerines. I had two apples but I gave one to my dad like an idiot. "I'll buy you two for this one tomorrow," he says. I agreed. That was not smart as I was sooo hungry later and had a monster headache, still kind of do actually. I'm going to work out later on, but I realized that I forgot to tell you what I weighed in at today: 226.5!!! Haha! 2.5 lbs in a day! And I ate food! That kind of weight loss only if I fast. The modified ABC actually works! It barely takes any thought too. I mean once the daily cals are gone, all that's left are fruits and veggies and water. Perfection.
I am so happy right now I barely know what to do. If I only knew it was this easy all along I could've been so much thinner by now! I'm not going to say nothing can go wrong (I don't want to jinx myself. You know, Murphy's Law and everything). I can't wait to get my new scale at the end of the month. I'm going to be thin and the first number it gives me will be a lovely one.
Also, hello to new followers! Man, I hardly ever see the little green people change so I was majorly shocked to see them screaming 28 at me. Yowza!
Okay, hope you guys are doing great and thank you for your very sweet comments!
Scarlet <3


  1. yaaaaaaay i'm so happy for you. see how easy it is once you're commited and when you do it with someone?
    we can dooo this togetheerrr! <3 xxxx

  2. That's awesome, congrats!
    Stay strong, as always. :]