Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day one done, let's do it again!!!!

Hey guys!!! So I did make it 24hrs yesterday w/o food. But around the 26 hrs mark I ate some broccoli and an apple (this was around, idk, 10pm?). I'm still fasting today so it's no big. I lost 1 lbs and I have a brilliant idea. Probably better than any plan I have ever had. I am going to attempt to fast every single day(after today). I will try to hold off from food until around 7pm, when if I choose to, I can have an apple and some raw veggies(but no more than the size of my hands cupped together). That would be about 200 cals a day and if I lose a pound a day, that's 7 lbs a week!!!!! Yay! There will be no thought of : I'm fasting but not really. I will be fasting until seven every single day and eating a very small portion of food. It's just that simple. If I do that, I'll be at 199 in no time. That is the goal and I must make it. Let's set a goal date: by March 1st I will be 199 or less. Otherwise, well idk, I'll be really dissapointed in myself and that is an enduring punishment.
I have a question for you guys: I finally convinced my parents to move my elliptical to the second floor (where my room is), but the problem is they really don't want me working out over their heads because our house is super old and they don't want a chunk of plaster to hit them in the head or something. My room is RIGHT above their bedroom. Now I can move it to my brother's old room, but it's claustrophobic in there and I'd have to move a ton of stuff to the basement. Should I:
A) workout in my room while I clean my brother's room and just not tell my parents
B) don't workout and try my best to hurry up and clean bro's room so I can workout
C) suck it up and deal with claustrophobic conditions for now but still be cleaning and working out
Let me know what you guys think!
Thanks for the sweet comments!!
Scarlet <3


  1. Hey
    good job on your fast.
    Fast and eat and fast is good plan if you dont eat too much on your eat days.

    and for the Question.
    I would choose A. i mean what your parents dont know cant hurt them.
    i really think that nothing will fall down the seeling.

    keep your head high.

  2. Your plan is brilliant! Especially if your parents ever get on you for not eating... You can just say, "Didn't you see me eat those snacks earlier? Come on, guys!"

    Considering you're question... I agree with -H-.
    If you don't start working out now, while you're determined, then it might not happen.
    Also, if your parents catch you, then you can just say you wanted to be able to work out while you cleaned your bro's room. :)

    (Also- losing a pound in one day is awesome!)

  3. hey :) umm i was just reading through your blog from where i left off.. [from resolutions 2010 onwards...] i am really happy for you hunni. like seriousl you are doing so well.
    first of all let me just say, you look super cute. like you have such a sexy hourglass shape, i'm so jealous. i'm more of a pear, lol
    & 2ndly can i just give a quick [wahoooooooooooooo].. you finally got a new scale. i'm happyyy, coz i know how much you wanted one, & how frustrated you were getting.
    alsooo.. your intake sounds like its improved a lot, i think youre improving your control a loOOOOT! you will definetly be 190s soooon!!
    & lastly, i would definetly choose A, as i feel life is boring unless you have a little rebellious devil in you :P
    as someone above me said, 'what your paents don't know, can't hurt them'
    love youuu!!! God Bless! xxxxx