Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolutions for 2010

Happy New Year you guys!!!
I hope you had a good time. So 2009 has come and gone, and 2010 is the new challenger. Here are my resolutions:
1) To be drop dead gorgeous by August. I must be 130 by this time and be a freaking goddess.
2) Strength train every two days and do a shit load of cardio as soon as it warms up around here (probably around may everything will be peachy).
3) Re-edit my book (been meaning to do that for TWO years!)
4) Appreciate my life and the good things I have more.
5) Be more outgoing! I am able to get along with so many of you guys on here mostly because idk I can hide my insecurities behind a computer. But this year I will make an effort to be friendly and talkative.
6) Get an internship this summer (I need one so badly)
7) Learn to drive or at least get my permit.
8) Get a new scale ASAP. I finally found one that seems to be the answer to my prayers: a health-o-meter body fat and hydration scale that runs $30-35. Yea! So we will see how soon I can get that
9) Spend more time with my dog. I love him, but a lot of times he gets pushed aside for more "interesting" things
10) Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Seriously, I never do this and it's so bad.
So those are the ten things for me to do this year, woo! I have to go to sleep I have a friend's bday party to go to today. I'll be good I promise, if I can do nothing but eat one piece of cake and a cup of sparkling cider the whole day, lol.
XOXO and a Skinny New Year!
Scarlet <3 <3 (double love for the new year)


  1. happy new year babe. goodluck with your resolutions. :) XxX