Sunday, January 24, 2010


My body is really stubborn. I am only down 1 lbs from when I last posted. Gah. I need this weight to come off!!!
Also, it appears that in four short weeks I'll be meeting my brother's evil wife for the first time in person (don't ask, they've been married for four years and me, my mom and dad are just meeting her). Now apart from the fact that I don't like the twat, I have to look amazing when I meet her. I need to be under 200. But I have no idea how to do it. I've upped my exercise, cut back on food, what else can I do!?! Also, my dear sis in law is only 2 and a half years older than me and she's had four kids (three of them with my bro), so this means I HAVE TO LOOK BETTER THAN HER. Serioulsly, I have to. For the sake of dignity.
Damn, damn, damn!!!! Life never fails to throw me curveballs!
So idk what I am going to do, but I'll figure out SOMETHING. I have to.
Thanx for the sweet comments and if you guys have ANY ideas please help me out!
Scarlet <3
PS: I am officially addicted to all of those crazy disgusting dishes make you never want to eat again!!! And I can see it on my phone!! 24/7 food avoidance helper! Haha!!!


  1. Aw hun there's nothing else you can do. Just sit tight, don't binge. Don't lose sight of your goal, keep restricting and carry on exercising.

    It sounds like you don't like her very much, so don't let her opinion get to you. She doesn't matter.

    Stay strong and keep going!

    Holly x x x

  2. I agree! Don't binge and remind yourself constantly of your goal. You can do it!

    Oh, I want to check out that website - sounds fun!

    If you want to talk or visit me:

  3. Keep it up girl! you can do it! try to fast at least two days a week and not much over 500 calories should help ;D