Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I'm leaving grade school. I don't care about the ABC anymore. I suffer and all I can get is three pounds a week? Hell no! So I am just going to have 500 cals a day. My body apparently needs consistency. I am also going to stop cooking my veggies. They take up wayy more space if I eat them raw. Also, they are metabolized faster. According to my nums, at 500 cals a day I'll lose at least three pounds a week until I reach 200 pounds. Then everything will be golden. I might toss in a fast day every now and then, idk, but I will deff only eat 500 cals a day. I need this. I want this.
Scarlet <3


  1. Good luck i know you can do it stay strong and fade fast :)

  2. I agree and i know you will do great! dnt make your self suffer excessivly just do what your okay! And thank you for your comments on my blog i appreciate them so much you make my day better cus i feel like some one cares! Keep going on your this plan and i know you will do great! Keep up the great work!
    stAy stroNg! thiN(k) thiN!
    xoxo Lyndee