Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Numbers Tell Me So

Hey guys,
So the 400 cals went well yesterday and I even worked out a bit! Yay! I am still up .8 lbs though. :(
However, in the midst of my panic attack that followed weighing in this morning, I decided to see why my weight was going up. The numbers told me why. According to my calculations, I should be losing about 3.8 lbs a week (sooo slow for so much starving, but whatevs). Right now I am down 1.6. However, the 3.8 loss is if I follow the ABC exactly (doesn't happen with the veggie that I don't count and the veggie juices that don't count). So I should level around 3 lbs a week. What do you know, I am! So I guess my body realized it was burning too fast and threw the gears in reverse. I hope it's happy now.
Okay, I am off to school, love you guys!
Scarlet <3

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