Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Top things that happened to me today that totally fucked me up:
1) I looked at the scale this morning to see a 1 lb gain, felt like crying.
2) Went to my physical chem class and failed a quiz, felt like crying.
3) Looked at my calendar and realized that I'm gaining water weight because next week is THAT week, felt like crying.
4) Felt hopeless and ate more than I should have but felt semi happy.
5) Weighed myself at night when I got home and I just know I'm going to be a fat ass in the morning, feel like crying.
So my day was pretty much shot. FML, FML, FML. So I don't think I want any food tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or the day after that. Maybe never. We'll see.
Hope you all are doing better than me. I just wanna be the Naomi Campbell to My Friend, Skinny 's Victoria Beckham. :)
Thanx for the sweet comments!
Scarlet <3


  1. Just remember that the more water you drink the less water you'll retain.

    && I think you'll do just fine. :)

  2. hey
    it really seems that our weight is the thing what makes or breaks our day.
    if it is smaller we feel better and things do better if it is higher everything just spirals out of controll.
    but you can get controll back.

    Be strong

  3. Hey! I saw your pictures are you look amazing. I have a question though: how tall are you?